Our Digital Course


A. What is Freelancing?
B. How to Start Freelancing
C. Freelancing Platform overview
D. Real online Earning Methods
E. 2 Ways to Make Money

A. How to Get Started Freelancing on Fiverr
B. How to Get Started Freelancing on Social Media and Local Market
C. Find Easy Profitable Niche for Freelancing
B. Understand Competition and Fiverr Algorithm
C. Keyword Research for Gig Ranking



A. How to Create Fiverr Seller Profile with Branding
B. How to Create Payoneer & Paypal Account
C. How to Create Legiit Seller Profile
D. How to Create SEOClerks Seller Profile
E. How to Create Fivesquid Seller Profile
F. How to Create Zeerk Seller Profile

Day-4: Gig Creation
A. How to Create a Gig On Fiverr
B. How to Rank Your Gig
C. How to Get Clients From Social Media
D. How to Deliver Your Order
E. How to Get Local Clients
F. How to Grow Your Freelancing Business


A. What is Social Media Marketing?
B. How it’s work
C. Best Platform for SMM
D. How to Start Your Own SMMA

Day-6: Instagram Marketing
A. Why Instagram?
B. How to Choose Niche
C. How to Choose User Name
D. How to Create Instagram Account

(How to Grow Instagram)
E. Importance of HashTags
F. Importance of Insta Stories
G. How to Design Post for Instagram
* How to Sell Instagram Services on Fiverr

Day-8: Pinterest Marketing
A. How to Setup Pinterest Profile
B. How to Design Pinterest Pins
C. How to Grow on Pinterest
D. How to Boost Your Pins
E. How to Convert Your Profile into Busines
* How to Sell Pinterest Services on Fiverr


Day-9: Facebook Marketing (Part-1)
A. How to Create a Facebook Business Page
B. How to Set User Name
C. How to Complete Setting of Business Page
D. How to Design Page Cover Photo
C. Importance of HashTags
D. Importance of FB Stories
* How to Sell Facebook Services on Fiverr

Day-10: Facebook Marketing (Part-2)
A. How to Design Facebook Post
B. How to Get Post Idea’s
C. How to Get Facebook Page Likes
D. How to Create Facebook Groups and Grow

Day-11-12 Facebook Marketing (Part-3) Instream Ads
A. Basic Requirements of Instream Ads
B. How to Create Fan Page
C. How to Find Video Topics


Day-13-15 : Facebook Marketing (Part-5)
A. How to Setup Facebook Ads Manager
B. How to Start Ads Campaign from FB Ads Manager
a. Audience Selection
b. Interest and behavior selection
c. Budget
C. How to Boost Post from Facebook Page
I. How to Run Ads on Instagram



Day-17-19: Photoshop Editing Services
Photoshop Tools

A. Background Remove Services
B. Object Remove Services
C. Cloths Color Changing Services
D. Photo Editing & Retouching


Day-21: Photoshop Editing Services
A. Social Media Post Designs (FB, Insta, Twitter, Linkedin etc.)
B. Quotes Designs
C. YouTube Thumbnail Design
D. Podcast Cover Design
E. Pinterest Pins Design

Day-22: Blogging (How to Earn Money From Google Adsense & Others Ads Network)
* What is Blogging?
A. How to Get Started
B. How to Find Profitable Niche
C. How to Choose Domain Name
D. How to Buy Domain and Hosting (Setup Domain with Hosting)

Day-23 (Blogging Part-2)
A. WordPress, Theme & Plugins Installation
B. How to Create Category, Main Menu, Top Menu
C. How to Create Pages
D. How to Create Post

Day-24 (Blogging Part-3)
A. Content Creation (how to write article)


Day-25: (Blogging Part-4)
A. How to Customize Your Blog
B. How to Submit Your Blog in Google Web Master Tool
C. Google Analytics
B. How to Apply Ads Network (Google Adsense)
C. How to apply Ads Network (propeller ads, and others)

Day-26: Affiliate Marketing (Part-1)
A. What is Affiliate Marketing
B. How to Start Affiliate Marketing
C. Affiliate Marketing Platform Overview
D. How to Select Profitable Niche?
E. Complete Keyword Research
F. How to Select Domain Name

Day-27: Affiliate Marketing (Part-2)
A. How to Buy Web Hosting and Domain
B. How to Install WordPress, Theme and Plugins
C. How to Select Products?
D. How to Make Content

Day-28 Affiliate Marketing (Part-3)
A. How to Post Your Articles
B. How to Signup on Amazon
C. How to Signup on AliExpress
D. How to Get Products Affiliate Links


Day-29 Affiliate Marketing (Part-4)
– How to Create Category, Pages, Menu
– Blog Customization
– How to Get Traffic on Your Affiliate Site From Pinterest
– How to Get Traffic From YouTube

Day-30: SEO Services Training with Easy and Simple Ways
A. What is SEO and How it’s work
B. Types of SEO
C. Keyword Research

Day-31: On Page SEO
A. On Page SEO with Yoast SEO Plugin
B. On Page SEO with Rankmath SEO Plugin
C. WordPress Speed Optimization
* How to Sell onpage seo service on Fiverr or Local

Day-32: Off Page SEO (Part-1)
A. How to Create Blog Comments Backlinks
B. How to Create Web 2.0 Backlinks (Contextual Backlinks)
C. How to Create Profile Backlinks
* How to Sell Backlinks Services on Fiverr and Local

Day-33: Off Page SEO (Part-2)
A. Local Citation
B. PDF Submission Backlinks
C. Video Submission Backlinks
D. Wikipedia Backlinks
E. How to Index Backlinks