Brilliant minds.


Brilliant minds.

The neuroscience can explain how the ideas come out from our brain and make us to enhance a task. Ideas are just a natural process of the creativity phenomenon of all human being during a brainstorm in order to solve problems. It is a natural daily process that happens several times a day and it does not depend of the location. Some people have great ideas while are bathing, running or reading. Usually it comes during the relaxation moment. Sometimes we feel that the ideas just  pups up from our mind as a result of a mental task. However, in order to have that happen, the human cortex need to work and process informations that already exist in our brain and come out with new solutions. 

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Well, what really make them people with brilliant minds is that they go beyond what was expected. The difference is that they have a inner purpose and that purpose of make something different is the fuel that burn inside of them to come out with different thoughts and ideas that might one day change the world and people’s lives. Majority of them have had several ideas during life. However, on the long run many of them have fail. But instead of give up, they remained on the road. What make them to pursued is the purpose of impact the world or change things.

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